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Our Life Insurance Responsibilities

Old Harbor Insurance is proud to work with a host of life insurance carriers. We enjoy the entire process:

Getting to Know You

We take pride in our personal connection with our clients: it's one of our core principles. We look forward to learning about you and your goals!

Understanding Your Concerns

Insurance can be a daunting and confusing area. Let us put your minds at ease and answer any questions you may have about your coverage or needs.

Applying Appropriate Plans

We seek to provide the perfect combination of premium pricing and coverage terms, specifically fit to your individual needs. We'll find the right plan for you.

Whether you are protecting loved ones who rely on you financially,
securing the transfer of a business, or any of the other
uses for life insurance, we are the call to make.

Old Harbor Insurance Services

Our Lines of Coverage Include

term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

The most common, and most affordable, life insurance policy there is to offer.

Whole Life Insurance

Offers guaranteed death benefit along with cash value account that can collect interest on funds paid in excess of premiums.

Universal Life Insurance

Offers guaranteed death benefit and the flexibility to alter the terms of premium and death benefit.

Disability Insurance

Protect your family and your assets in the event you are unable to work.

Long-Term Care

Remain financially independent when you require living assistance during your retirement years.

Group Life

Enhance your employee’s benefit package by offering group life coverage.

Disability Insurance

Working With You Would Be an Honor

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