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Rental Real Estate Investor Insurance

Old Harbor Insurance Services

Looking for Rental Real Estate Insurance for your Commercial or Residential Investment?

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Single Policy for Multiple Portfolios Across the United States


Single Policy for Multiple Portfolios Across Property Types


Single Policy for Multiple Entities and Individuals

About Our Company

Old Harbor Insurance Services is located in Temecula, CA and has served over 5,000 clients.

Old Harbor Insurance is a group of individuals working together to serve the needs of our valued clients. We have worked with clients across nine different states and have insured over 2,500 properties including single portfolios in excess of over 500 homes.

Our mission is to become a premier independent agency serving California and the surrounding regions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Let Us Answer Some of Your Questions...

Old Harbor Insurance Services offers a single policy that can handle portfolios across the entire United States. We provide a single point of contact and are able to manage policies across multiple borders for your convenience.

Right now, you may be managing seven (7) properties, seven (7) policies, and paying seven (7) bills a year. We can give you ONE (1) policy and ONE (1) bill for the entire year. 

We will handle consolidation of existing policies for portfolios consisting of residential multi-family, commercial multi-family, commercial office, commercial industrial, commercial multi-family, and commercial mixed use.

If you have three (3) separate entities, that is absolutely no problem for Old Harbor Insurance Services.
We offer no brush requirements, no age limitations, and the ability to include tenant legal liability for as little as $8 per month.
We offer Fix and Flip policies for residential and commercial investors, two-year policy options, billion dollar property limits, co-insurance, vacancy clauses, unlimited aggregate liability limit, and also have coverage available for fiduciaries.

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At Old Harbor Insurance, we listen to helpunderstand our client s circumstances. Weseek to educate clients to understand allinsurance options.