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Short Term Vacation Rental Insurance


Airbnb and VRBO Insurance Policies

Our company offers Berkshire Hathaway and Proper Insurance short term rental Airbnb and VRBO insurance policies.

Berkshire Hathaway Guard
Proper Insurance

The Best Short Term Rental Home Policies

Short Term Vacation Rental Insurance Policies

Our Short Term Vacation Rental Insurance Policies are backed by the most ethical and stable insurance carriers in the world, Berkshire Hathaway Guard and Proper Insurance. When it comes to protecting your home, there is no other choice.

In the guide below you will find everything you need to know about Short-Term Vacation Rental Home Insurance Policies.

Down Payment

A+ "Superior" Rated by AM Best

The Berkshire Hathaway Guard Short Term Vacation Rental policy at Old Harbor Insurance is one of the top rated short term rental vacation insurance policies on the market today.

Comprehensive Coverage

AA "Stable" Rated by Standard and Poor

An A+ rating is "Assigned to companies that have a superior ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations. Berkshire Hathaway is one of THE best positioned insurance providers.

Competitive Rates

$120B+ in Cash/Cash Equivalents

If a catastrophic disaster hits, our Berkshire Hathaway Short Term Rental policy will have no issue paying for complete reconstruction of your short term rental home to give you peace of mind.

Many discounts are also available Click here to see the available discounts. Review the Berkshire Hathaway Policy Ratings by clicking here and here and review the Proper Insurance Policy Ratings by clicking here.

Contact us to find out which policy is the best for your vacation rental home!

Short Term Vacation Rental Insurance

Berkshire Hathaway & Proper Insurance Short Term Vacation Rental Insurance Advantages

Our Lines of Coverage

Able to Cover High Fire Danger Areas

Many companies are leaving California and areas that they’ve deemed high risk. Berkshire’s underwriting, with Ajit Jain at its head, is the best in the world. They’ve confidently released this home insurance product in California, Texas, and a handful of additional states. They are anxious to seize the select opportunities being forfeited by the competition. See below for more information or click here.

Flexible Dog Breed Acceptance

Most carriers have extensive lists of dogs breeds they won’t accept. It’s so common we wrote an article highlighting the breed! However, Berkshire has simplified it. They don’t accept pit bulls, rottweilers, or wolves.

Service Line Protection is Available

Service line coverage has emerged as one of the “must have” enhancements to a home insurance policy. This endorsement provides coverage for damage to utility lines connecting to your home such as electrical power, heating, waste disposal, and water.

Our Lines of Coverage

Personal Injury Protection is Available

Contact us for more information.

Many Deductibles to Choose From

Contact us for more information.

Many home businesses are accepted

Contact us for more information.

Flexible Payment Options

Contact us for more information.

Our Lines of Coverage

No Size Limit on Your House

Due to reinsurance contract limitations, most home insurers cannot insure properties with replacement costs over $1.5 Million. There’s no shortage of these homes throughout the West, and Berkshire is aiming to address the need.

Admitted Insurance Company

Our short-term rental insurance providers are the best in the business. Liability lines up to $1,000,000/$2,000,000 in commercial general liability with increased liability limits available.

Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, etc. are All Acceptable

We’re blown away at how the home sharing community has blossomed over the last decade, and we are proud to be able to offer a comprehensive insurance solution that allows that community to be appropriately protected and continue to thrive.

Old Harbor Insurance Services offers short-term vacation rental home policies for Airbnb, VRBO, and Homeaway clients in ALL 50 states!

The Best Short Term Vacation Rental Insurance

Thank you for considering Old Harbor Insurance for your income property needs. We are a regional insurance agency proudly offering the best insurance policy for short-term rentals and vacation rentals in California, short-term rentals and vacation rentals in Texas, short-term rentals and vacation rentals in Arizona, short-term rentals and vacation rentals in Nevada, short-term rentals and vacation rentals in Utah, short-term rentals and vacation rentals in Washington, short-term rentals and vacation rentals in Oregon.

When insuring a vacation rental, there are important details to clearly communicate with your insurer.

We work with many owners who have beautiful mountain properties in areas such as Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear, the Sierra National Forest such as Mammoth, and Lake Tahoe. These properties are unique and require detailed underwriting – we are experts and have great relationships with our carriers and underwriters. You can rest assured that if we offer a quote, the policy will be issued.

Do you own a large home that sleeps ten or more people? That’s not an issue either. We are able to insure homes that are more than 10,000 square feet without issue. We love large short-term rental homes and are the go-to solution for them!

Old Harbor Insurance Services is proud to partner with the top insurance carriers throughout the insurance industry. We have many great relationships, and appreciate that you’ve considered us for your short-term rental policy coverage. Old Harbor would love the opportunity to provide a quote for your home and answer any additional questions that you may have!

Berkshire Hathaway and Proper Insurance’s Short Term Vacation Rental Policy is practical. As a customer you receive free access to valuable tools to assist with mitigating risk at your home and maximizing your home’s efficiency. This results in value added savings and added protection for your home.

Old Harbor Insurance offers short term rental and vacation rental policies in the following states:

Berkshire Hathaway and Proper Insurance’s Short Term Rental Policy is affordable for everyone and recognizes that not all customers are the same, and are capable offering a wide variety of discounts for circumstance such as: newly purchased homes, new construction homes, advanced protective devices, multiple policies with Berkshire Hathaway and Proper Insurance, and something extremely unique to the industry: self-inspection option.


Short Term Vacation Rental Insurance Discounts

Short Term Rental Vacation Insurance for Fire Danger Areas

The Old Harbor Insurance short term rental and vacation policy options cover short term rental and vacation insurance for mountain areas, wildfire areas, high brush areas, and brushfire areas.

Please see the map for Fire Hazard Severity Zones:


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The Berkshire Hathaway and Proper Insurance Short Term Vacation and Rental Insurance Policy for Homeowners using Airbnb and VRBO is the best on the market. Call us today and we will tell you even more about the amazing benefits of the policy.


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