Today’s insurance consumer can purchase a policy three different ways: 1) directly from an insurance company, 2) through a “captive” insurance agent, or 3) an independent insurance agent. Old Harbor is the latter, and we believe that being independent truly offers the maximum benefit to our valued clients.

So, what exactly are those client benefits we speak of?

Marketing your insurance policy:

Us: We shop your insurance with each of our 50+ insurance companies to identify our best available option.

Them: Captive companies such as AAA, State Farm, and others are forced to sell their single product and insist that it is the best option for all risks and consumer demographics.

Annual Reviews:

Us: We remarket your policies each year to make certain that your incumbent company is still our best offer.

Them: Captives do not have this ability. If you have a policy, you’re forced to either remain with the company and pay their premium increase or shop the policy yourself.

Consistent Point of Contact:

Us: Our service is relationship based, which means that each call in – whether for a policy change or question – you will always be speaking with the same person. This allows continuity, and results in better and more effective assistance for you.

Them: Many captive companies such as AAA, along with direct carriers such as Geico, Esurance, and USAA do not offer any relationship benefits. A call center agent is unable to pull much context from the computer screen in front of him; leaving you to bring him up to speed on prior conversations you’ve had with the other call center agents or claims reps previously.

Unlimited Possibilities:

Us: Old Harbor is your one-stop shop for all your insurance needs. Home insurance? We love it. Life insurance? We’re happy to help and have every major carrier. Do you plan to open a business? We can help with all aspects: General Liability, Property, Worker’s Comp, and more. We are your agent through all stages of life.

Them: With captives there is a great possibility that at some point you will need coverage that they can’t help you with. (That’s why we’re friends with so many captive agents – they send us lots of business that they cannot do!)

The Bottom Line: More options to better serve your needs. It’s no wonder that every time we speak with our captive peers about the classic “Captive vs. Independent” argument, their response is always unanimous: “If I could do it all over again, I’d go independent.”