The insurance environment in California is rapidly deteriorating, and many homeowners are facing the difficult situation of having their home insurance cancelled or non-renewed. We want to help and are providing these steps to help make the process of searching for new insurance as smooth as possible. This information will be helpful regardless of whether or not you choose to work with Old Harbor.

First, here is the minimum information you’ll want to have readily available when requesting a California home insurance quote:

  • Date of Births
  • Marital Status (Some companies offer lower rates for married couples)
  • Do you own any animals? (This will be relevant as each company has dog breed and animal restrictions as to what is or isn’t allowed)
  • Have you had any claims? (If yes, be prepared with a description of the claim along with receipts and photos proving that the damage has been repaired)
  • A photo of your address numbers (on your home, gate, or fence) This is being required by the California Fair Plan, and we expect may be adopted by additional insurers shortly.

Appropriate preparation for getting insurance quotes is critical. A poor first impression to an insurance company can cause denial, so it’s best to put the best foot forward when shopping for home insurance. Here are important actions to take in anticipation of getting home insurance quotes:

  • Clean up any debris around your home (Below is a photo of a photo recently sent to our agency from a carrier underwriter. Every company is extremely scrupulous.)
  • Clean up any trees overhanging your home and create defensible space around your home.
  • Submit clear, clean photos of your home to the agent to present to the insurance company on your behalf

California Home Insurance

We highly recommend working with an independent insurance agent.

Independent agents work with numerous insurers, while captives such as State Farm and Allstate sell a single company’s policies.  Think of it like ice cream – Would you rather go to Baskin Robbins with 31 flavors or to the place selling only rocky road ice cream?