What is the California FAIR Plan?

History First, let’s dispel the common belief that the California FAIR Plan (CFP) is a government agency – it isn’t. There are no taxpayer dollars involved and the individuals in charge are not government officials. The FAIR Plan is financed collectively by each admitted insurance company that writes insurance in California. The California FAIR (Fair … Read more

Umbrella Insurance 101: Everything You Need to Know

Umbrella Insurance

Why Do I Need Umbrella Insurance? Most people would be surprised if they did a close review of the coverage they have under their policies. Many would find their auto insurance limits inadequate to cover a helicopter or ambulance ride* for the person they’d injured. And that’s to say nothing of the ensuing medical bills … Read more

Insurance Commissioner Orders Changes to California’s FAIR Plan

California’s Commissioner, Ricardo Lara, issued two very important press releases at the end of last year. The releases contained important information on a variety of changes for the ever-volatile home insurance market in California. FAIR Plan Changes Effective December 5, 2019 Commissioner Lara issued a mandatory one-year moratorium on non-renewals for more than 800,000 homeowners throughout the … Read more