Ten Must-Known Facts You Need to Read Before Moving To Idaho

Are the high homeowners insurance rates in your state preventing you from owning a house? Then perhaps it’s time you moved to Idaho – the Gem State. Why? Well, according to the latest stats, Idaho has one of the lowest homeowners insurance rates in the country. While the national average cost of homeowners insurance stands at $1,211 annually, homeowners insurance … Read more

13 Things to Know Before Moving to Idaho

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Separating the Facts From Fiction About Moving from California to Idaho

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The Hidden Benefits of Homeowners Liability Insurance Coverage

Have you ever been reluctant to obtain personal liability coverage because you weren’t sure what it was all about? Well, the journey of owning a home involves a lot of paperwork and expenses. After closing the deal, you have to inevitably acquire homeowners insurance to protect your property from unexpected damage or loss. However, standard home … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Scheduled and Unscheduled Personal Property Coverage

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you lost your valuable camera before a trip or your precious engagement ring before your wedding? Sounds unimaginable, but it does happen… People lose their most precious and valuable items all the time. Apart from sentimental value, these items are often expensive too. You might not be … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Homeowners Insurance and Water Damage Coverage

Are you sick and tired of dealing with damage caused by leaking roofs and broken pipes every time there’s a storm? Then it’s high time you filed a claim against your homeowner’s insurance policy. In case you didn’t know, homeowners insurance actually provides coverage for water damage! In fact, the Insurance Information Institute states that water damage was … Read more

The Basics of Homeowners Insurance for New Homeowners

Have you just recently bought a new home? Don’t get caught up in the excitement of closing payments and forget to protect your home by getting homeowners insurance. According to ISO in 2018, 5.7% of insured homes had a claim, with 98.1% of the claims being for property damage, including theft. Hence, what should come to … Read more

How To Get the Best Homeowners Insurance for Your Home – 8 Key Factors To Consider

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Is this Damage Covered by my Home Insurance?

When something bad happens, most people’s first thought is whether insurance will cover and pay for it. Their next step is to pick up the phone, call and ask us. While we wish we could simply tell everyone that “it’s covered,” it is more complicated than that and we’d like to explain why. In any … Read more

What is the California FAIR Plan?

History First, let’s dispel the common belief that the California FAIR Plan (CFP) is a government agency – it isn’t. There are no taxpayer dollars involved and the individuals in charge are not government officials. The FAIR Plan is financed collectively by each admitted insurance company that writes insurance in California. The California FAIR (Fair … Read more