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Ten Must-Know Facts You Need to Read Before Moving To Idaho

Ten Must-Know Facts You Need to Read Before Moving To Idaho

Are the high homeowners insurance rates in your state preventing you from owning a house? Then perhaps it’s time you moved to Idaho – the Gem State. Why? Well, according to the latest stats, Idaho has one of the lowest homeowners insurance rates in the country. While the national average cost of homeowners insurance stands at $1,211 annually, homeowners insurance … Read more

Home Insurance Policies Made Simple: How New Homeowners Can Protect Their Home

Audits & Payments

So, you have just moved into your beautiful new Idaho home. But how do you ensure that your home is protected from uncertainties? Get a homeowners insurance policy. With this policy, you are more protected than you can imagine, with coverage for damage and loss caused by a covered peril. In addition, it also covers … Read more

The Major Differences between a Home Warranty and Home Insurance

Do you feel caught between whether to place your new home on home warranty or home insurance? Despite the rising cost of home insurance premiums in the United States, Idaho remains one of the cheapest States for home insurance. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), an Idaho homeowner pays an average annual home insurance premium … Read more